Laser Gum Surgery: Minimally Invasive, Highly Effective

There are a lot of options available to patients who need to treat gum disease. Some are geared to more or less advanced presentations than others, but most treatments can be used across a spectrum of cases. That means when you are looking to remove infected tissue and reboot your mouth to a state where you can prevent infection from coming back, you can afford to look for the options that are most effective and least troublesome to recover from. Over the years, a lot of them have been developed, but laser gum surgery makes advances beyond what has been seen with many previous techniques.

What Does Minimally Invasive Mean?

Laser surgery is popular because it is advertised as minimally invasive. What does that mean, though? Your periodontist knows that every procedure minimizes the extra trauma it inflicts, so they are all done to be as minimally invasive as possible for the treatment in question. In the case of laser gum treatments, though, that means there’s no incision with a scalpel. Everything is done with precisely controlled lasers, handled with expert care. That means some patients report no noticeable discomfort, and for others it is far lower than with traditional surgeries.

Other Benefits to Laser Treatments

Laser treatments make a lot of gains over even the most precise surgical technique that relies on incisions with a blade.

• They preserve more healthy tissue
• Can be repeated more often if infection recurs
• Precise controls make them at least as thorough as other options, often more
• Faster recovery times

If you are looking to move forward with laser gum surgery, the first step is making a consultation appointment. Our staff is always happy to help set one up during regular business hours. When you call, they can also answer questions you have about that initial meeting. Don’t wait to treat your gum disease, the earlier you get intervention, the easier it is to get your smile back on track.


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