Be Confident in Your Smile with Dental Implants

Our teeth say a lot about us. Our smiles are the first sign when we greet someone, or simply pass someone on a street. If you are not happy with your teeth, you’ll most likely be less apt to smile, and let your personality show. Feeling guarded because of your oral hygiene reflects upon others. Fortunately, dental implants give people that spark back.

Dental implants are more than just false teeth – they are something to be proud of. Dental implants are a permanent way to bring back your smile with strength. They are customized to you, because everyone is unique. From size, shape, and color, dental implants will bring back your confidence and personality.

Implants come in a few options, so you can pick the perfect teeth for you. From full arch, to implant supported dentures, or just a single tooth replacement, dental implants provide the support you are looking for. Dental implants are on the rise because of their strength. The titanium rods that are placed during the procedure are biocompatible, and act as your new teeth roots. These rods also allow your jaw to hold its structure, allowing your face shape to remain intact. From then, an abutment is placed which holds the cap on. The cap of the implant is your new tooth. It too is strong and will look natural.

Dental implants are making their way into doctors’ offices and patients mouths everywhere because of their durability and look. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants provide support and do not slip while you’re enjoying your favorite foods and conversations. You no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of your smile or denture glues.

If you believe you would benefit from dental implants, contact your doctor. Your doctor and their staff will be able to give you any necessary information and be able to let you know anything you may want to be knowledgeable on.

During this appointment, your doctor will go through if you are a good candidate for the procedure, go over any costs associated, and start you on the process to your new smile.


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