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Our Doctor And Team Welcome You To Our Practice

Welcome to Dr. Tokarczyk’s office for your convenience you can save some time on your first visit by filling out your paperwork before you arrive at our office. Click the Online Patient Registration Form bellow

Your First Dental Visit

Your first dental visit is an opportunity for us to get to know more about you, your dental health history and oral health concerns. We will review any referral paperwork from your dentist and also complete a thorough examination. We will review results with you so you have a clear idea of the state of your periodontal and oral health.

What To Bring To Your First Visit

We encourage all patients to bring the following on their first visit:

Your First Visit Will Consist Of:


Review of medical history


Review of dental history


Bone loss test


Bite check


Oral cancer screening


TMJ testing


Gum disease testing


Checking for loose teeth

If your general dentist in Springfield, MO and surrounding areas, has referred you to our practice?

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