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Dr. Leo Tokarczyk Talks About How Gum Grafting Protects Tooth Roots

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Periodontal Services With Dr. Leo Tokarczyk

Be proactive about the health of your gums and teeth by working with a periodontal specialist. Dr. Leo Tokarczyk is an experienced periodontist who treats gum disease in Springfield and Ozark, MO, and surrounding areas. When your gums are compromised for any reason, visit our practice for a frenectomy, gum grafting and nonsurgical periodontal treatments.
We can stop the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease with a series of deep cleaning treatments. Prophylaxis is an effective procedure for keeping the oral cavity free of bacteria and plaque buildup.
Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning for patients who have mild to moderate gum disease in Springfield, MO and surrounding areas. Dr. Tokarczyk will take x-rays and perform an exam before performing this nonsurgical periodontal treatment. It effectively removes dental plaque, tartar and calculus to eliminate periodontal pocketing.
Otherwise known as pocket reduction surgery, this treatment is very effective for reducing pockets around the teeth. It not only stops bacterial spread but will also prevent bone loss while improving the appearance of your smile.
If you have lost gum tissue from gum disease or a traumatic accident, you may need to undergo a gum reconstruction procedure to restore the gum line. Our gingival grafting technique involves taking tissue from the roof of the mouth or sliding adjacent gum tissue over the treatment area before stabilizing the tissue until it heals.
We can rebuild gum tissue ridges and improve the appearance of your smile by grafting soft tissue from various sources. These include: palatal tissue, freeze dried dermis and donor tissue.
The frenum attaches the upper lip to the gums above the upper two front teeth. When the frenum is enlarged, it may prevent the two front teeth from coming together and leave a gap. Dr. Tokarczyk can perform a frenectomy to close the gap and improve the smile.
Come in to our office for your annual oral cancer screening, a completely painless visit that involves using laser technology and other tools to check for any signs of lesions, lumps and spots. Dr. Tokarczyk will check the mouth for red patches, sores and other signs of cancer.
The sinuses are empty spaces filled with air. In some patients, the root, of the upper teeth can extend up into this space. If these teeth are removed or are missing, there may not be enough bone available to support dental implants. Our doctor will raise the sinus floor or place bone grafting material in this area to provide a solid foundation for dental implants.
One of the more sophisticated options for treating gum disease in Springfield, MO and surrounding areas, this procedure involves cleaning out the periodontal pockets and instilling a membrane between the soft tissue and bone. This helps to regenerate bone and tissue naturally.
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Extensive Gum Disease Treatment Improves Patient's Smile

We offer a range of customized periodontal treatments for patients with gum disease in Springfield, MO and surrounding areas.

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