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FAQs About Our Practice And Your Visit With Our Periodontist

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We do whatever we can to be as gentle as possible during all procedures. You will experience little to no discomfort during your periodontal exam. To make your experience more comfortable, we perform many procedures under local anesthesia.

If you are seeing our periodontist from a referring dentist, please bring any recent x-rays with you. Otherwise, we will take a set of x-rays to perform an accurate diagnosis.

Since every patient case is different, we will need you to come in for a complete examination before we can establish a treatment plan. Dr. Leo Tokarczyk will map out an appropriate treatment plan and provide a breakdown of fees for periodontal treatment. Our goal is to treat you as conservatively as possible and you can expect fair pricing and fees from us.

Many dental insurance policies do cover the cost of periodontal treatments and advanced dentistry procedures. We recommend bringing your insurance information with you so that we can review your insurance plan in detail and determine benefits eligibility. We can submit claim paperwork on your behalf.

Only some patients need to undergo periodontal surgery. If you are showing early signs of gum disease, our periodontist may recommend deep cleaning treatments and being more diligent with your home care regimen. We take a conservative approach to attain treatment goals so surgery is not always the preferred treatment option.

If your general dentist in Springfield, MO or the surrounding areas has referred you to our practice, we may be dealing with a case that requires advanced treatment to save your teeth. Dr. Tokarczyk performs a number of periodontal procedures and treatments that can save your teeth and restore your smile.

We work closely with your general dentist in Springfield, MO and surrounding cities to ensure you are getting the treatment you need at an appropriate time. If you need crowns, fillings and other general dentistry procedures, you may go back to your general dentist. Visiting your dentist regularly is an important part of periodontal maintenance.

Since periodontal disease is a progressive condition, neglecting your gums by avoiding periodontal visits can lead to an advanced infection. This infection will eventually destroy the gums and bone and may lead to tooth loss.

If your general dentist in Springfield, MO or the surrounding areas has referred you to our practice

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