IV Sedation: Battling Dental Anxiety

Have Severe Dental Anxiety? IV Sedation May Be the Answer

Taking care of your oral health is important, but if you are anxious about visiting your periodontist, you are not alone. Many adults suffer from some form of dental anxiety, which can include symptoms ranging from an elevated heartbeat to an all-out panic attack. The good news is that sedation dentistry provides safe options to help you get dental care even if you are anxious. If your dental anxiety is severe, Dr. Leo Tokarczyk offers IV sedation, which may be right for you.

What Is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is when a person exhibits physical symptoms of anxiousness or panicking by visiting the periodontist or another dental professional. The anxiety can range from mild to severe. In patients who experience severe symptoms, it may be a feat to even walk in the office, let alone sit in a dental chair or have a professional work in the mouth.

How Can IV Sedation Help?

IV sedation is administered intravenously. The medication helps you to feel calm and relaxed. In most cases, IV sedation can be used to induce a sleep-like state. This means you will likely not remember the procedure at all when you wake up.

While this type of sedation is often reserved for complex procedures such as dental surgery, it can be used to help anyone who has severe anxiety. Dr. Tokarczyk can also adjust the level of sedation to suit your preferences and needs for the treatment.

Are Other Options Available?

One of the great things about modern sedation methods is that there are a few different options. If you wish to explore other sedation choices with Dr. Tokarczyk, you can ask about the office’s choices to see what might work best for you.

Where Can You Learn More?

Our staff is here to make your dental experience more comfortable. To learn more about our sedation options and to schedule a visit, contact our office today.


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