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Relief From Pain And Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Tokarczyk serves on the I.V. Conscious Sedation Committee for the Missouri Dental Board as a State Examiner. He and his team work hard to ensure patients experience little to no pain during and after treatment. If you have dental anxiety, or are interested in learning more about options for sedation dentistry in Springfield, MO, give us a call to find out how sedation dentistry can help.

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About IV Sedation Dentistry

Intravenous conscious sedation (IV sedation) is only available through specially trained clinicians, like Dr. Tokarczyk. IV sedation dentistry involves administering anxiety medication intravenously to induce relaxation. This is a relatively painless process and can make your dental visit much more manageable. Since we perform a number of advanced procedures, including periodontal surgery, dental implants and tissue grafting, we feel it is important that our patients have the option to be sedated.

Benefits Of IV Sedation

Don’t Let Fear And Dental Anxiety Interfere With Treatment

We understand many patients are fearful or anxious about spending time in the dental chair. While it is normal to feel nervous before surgery or other advanced procedures, we have options available to relieve some of that fear and anxiety. Dr. Tokarczyk may recommend IV sedation dentistry or perform the procedure under local anesthesia to numb the area. You can undergo one or multiple treatments in a single visit with appropriate sedation.

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