Why Focus on Oral Hygiene?

Parents and dentists everywhere have spent their lifetime telling children to brush and floss their teeth every night. Kid’s generally blow off what their parents say – but for this specifically, they shouldn’t. Oral hygiene is one of the most important things we should stay on top of, as it can cause serious issues if not taken care of.

The human body is an extremely complex mechanism. As simple as it is to catch a cold from someone else, it is as simple for one part of your own body to affect another. If you do not keep up with your oral hygiene, you may risk infecting your blood stream, or cause other severe problems. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues.

Something as small as saliva now a days tells a lot about our body makeup. That is why doctors use saliva now to genetic test from years past. A vile of spit can let someone know what part of the country our ancestors were from. This is only a minute reason we need to keep our oral health good.

Brushing your teeth for two minutes for optimal cleaning may seem like a myth, but truly that is how long it takes for a maximum clean. Flossing, as well, should be done nightly because of how much plaque and debris it removes from the mouth. Without brushing and flossing, bacteria beings to multiply and tartar starts to form, which may bring upon gingivitis. Sensitive gums are a serious problem that can turn into much more, so if you are experiencing a tender mouth, see your doctor for help.

Invest in your oral health today. Do not let something so controllable slip away from you. If you need help relearning proper dental cleaning techniques, do not hesitate to see your doctor for direction. Having a proper toothbrush and toothpaste also aid in good dental hygiene, so if you are confused about which to go for will all of the types on the market, call your dentist for advice. Set up an appointment for your routine checkups and take control of your oral hygiene.


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