Laser Gum Surgery: Minimally Invasive Treatment With a Fast Recovery

One of the biggest reasons that periodontal patients give for putting off treatment for their symptoms is fear of the recovery time. Living with gum disease, patients are often aware that waiting can make the condition worse, but surgical recovery times can be an obstacle to patients with rigid work schedules or other commitments. That’s why it is important that patients understand options like laser gum surgery and how they minimize the downtime associated with complex procedures.

How Laser Surgery Works

There are a variety of laser-related therapies that your periodontist might discuss with you, but the one that has gained the most patient attention recently is laser surgery. It is designed to do the same work of removing infected tissue while preserving regular tissue that traditional procedures aim for, but with a few advantages.

  • Laser procedures are more precise, preserving more healthy tissue around the infection
  • They involve less discomfort because incisions, when necessary, are smaller
  • Recovery times are faster due to both of the factors above
  • Laser gum surgery is typically outpatient, and can sometimes be performed with just oral anesthetics

Recovery times for this procedure are typically just a few days at most, providing patients with a convenient way to clean out an infection and get a fresh start.

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Surgery?

Gum disease patients who have mild to moderate symptoms and minimal gum tissue loss are typically the best candidates for laser surgery, but it can be used to clean out infected tissue for more complex cases as well. Patients with extreme tissue loss may need a more aggressive intervention, or possibly a combination of interventions. Patients who are otherwise healthy are usually candidates for laser surgery, but only a consultation with a periodontist can verify whether this surgery is right for you. Contact Dr. Leo Tokarczyk in Springfield, MO today to make an appointment, and find out if this treatment will work for your symptoms.


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