3 Risk Factors of Not Replacing a Missing Tooth

Millions of Americans have lost a tooth, and a surprising number of them fail to replace it. A gap in your smile brings aesthetic problems, but there are also health concerns to be aware of. In lieu of finding a prosthodontist in the area, you should instead schedule a visit with Dr. Leo Tokarczyk to get dental implants immediately. The risks are far too great to ignore.

1. Eating Issues

You need every tooth in your mouth to help you chew food. When you lose a tooth, whether it is in the back or front, you may find it harder to eat certain foods. Most people find it is harder to chew tougher, more fibrous foods, such as vegetables. Since it is harder to eat these healthier foods, many people resort to eating softer, more processed meals. These types of foods are not as good for your health, and the lack of essential nutrients could lead to digestive issues.

2. Crooked Teeth

Normally, your teeth will stay where they are once you reach adulthood. However, when a gap forms, the other teeth may shift to compensate for the additional space. If you wait too long, then you may need to get orthodontics before you can have an implant put in. Additionally, crooked teeth are much harder to clean, so there is an increased risk of harmful bacteria forming.

3. Jawbone Corrosion

Your jawbone needs the stimulation provided by the roots of teeth. When even one root goes missing, the jawbone is no longer in use. As a result, the tissue becomes resorbed back into the body. Over time, your face will appear more sunken in that area. Since implants are replacement roots, you can retain more of your jawbone tissue with prompt treatment.

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