Treating Bruxism and its Effects on Your Oral Health

If you have unexplained sore teeth and gums, pain in your jaw or constant headaches, you might be suffering the effects of sleep bruxism. It is a disorder that adds to the problems of those already experiencing sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, and includes teeth grinding and extended contraction of the jaw.

Another form of bruxism occurs when the sufferer is awake. Characterized by bracing the jaw and teeth clenching, it is an automatic response to prescription or recreational drugs or certain medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or depression. The good news is that bruxism is treatable by an experienced periodontist such as Dr. Leo A. Tokarczyk.

Controlling Bruxism and its Effects

No matter which type of bruxism you are suffering, it is a painful condition that can also hamper jaw movement and leave you miserable. Teeth grinding can also cause wearing and broken teeth, along with gum damage, which requires dental repair. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disorder, but you can learn to control it.

To correct any tooth or gum damage, you first need to restrain the teeth-clenching habit while awake or prevent the teeth-grinding symptoms while you are asleep. Your periodontist may suggest cutting back on caffeine or show you some jaw exercises that can help you ease stress. He may also create a mold for you to use while you sleep to help protect teeth from grinding damage.

Repair and Restore

When you can break the teeth-clenching habit or guard against sleep bruxism, Dr. Tokarczyk offers a variety of procedures to repair tooth damage and periodontal surgery to rebuild gum and bone tissue if needed. Whether you need a gum graft, tooth implant or another procedure, he has the skill and experience to restore your smile.

Once you know more about the cause of bruxism, you can work to control it. For more information about treating this disorder, contact the office today!


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