How To Fix A Gummy Smile

Usually, if you think about the phrase “gummy,” you probably think about gummy bears or gummy worms, right? It’s ok if you do, however, it is not possible to apply the same thought process when referring to a gummy smile. A gummy smile is an oral disorder in which when someone smiles, that someone may have an excessive amount of gum tissue showing with their teeth.

While this disorder does not pose a threat to your oral well-being, some people may find it difficult to feel confident in their appearance. Luckily, Dr. Leo Tokarczyk has expertise in treating this form of dental issues and provides a few different options on how to reverse its impact in order to make you smile again with glee.

Gummy smile treatment 

It not only allows for a more aesthetically pleasing look to be treated for your gummy smile, it also gives better oral functionality. The extra gum tissue in question is removed by treatments such as crown lengthening and gum recontouring, this is a procedure that helps reshape your uneven gum line. 

On the off chance, there’s some trace of dental decay that lies beneath your gums, you will have to remove the infected tissue by lengthening the gum line. Laser gum treatments and other conventional methods, depending on how confident you are with the prescribed choice, are also available as correctional and restorative approaches.

For more information

Dr. Tokarczyk also recommends corrective jaw surgery based on the severity of your condition in the case of a jaw alignment problem that emerged during your evaluation. 

Never let your gummy smile keep you from showing your beautiful teeth. If you have a gummy smile, we invite you to visit one of our offices in Springfield, Missouri.

You can also contact us on our homepage to schedule an appointment to learn more about our other dental procedures and to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Tokarczyk.


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