How to Enhance Your Wedding Day Smile

When you’ve taken the biggest step of your life and are ready to start planning your wedding, you need to feel confident that you look great – not only on your wedding day but also in the pictures that serve as memories for years to come. Your smile is such a big part of your wedding day, and you need confidence in how it looks. Fortunately, here at Dr. Tokarczyk’s office, we have years of experience in treatments that help you improve your smile for your big day.

Planning Ahead

The most important part of getting your wedding day smile is planning ahead. Schedule a full cleaning and exam with X-rays months before your wedding. This gives us the time we need to complete any treatments before your wedding day. Many whitening treatments cannot be performed if there are any signs of gum disease, and we require ample time to treat the problem before we can perform your cosmetic procedures.

If you do deal with periodontal disease in Marshfield, MO, we have the treatment options you need to ensure that your mouth is healthy and happy on your wedding day. Gum disease is about more than aesthetics – left unchecked, serious problems can develop with your gums and your body overall. We offer treatments like scaling and root planing to ensure that your teeth look great and are as healthy as possible.

If necessary, you may also undergo extensive whitening treatments once your teeth and gums are in a place to be treated. If whitening treatments don’t work, crowns and veneers are viable options to replace broke, discolored or missing teeth. Regardless of what treatment plan is right for you, our goal is to ensure that you feel great about yourself on your wedding day.

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