May is Physical Wellness Month. You may have already gotten an annual physical from your doctor, but your physician doesn’t treat your teeth or mouth. If your dentist has told you that you have gum disease, you should consider seeing a periodontist in Springfield, MO to get treated. A periodontist is a dentist with an additional three years of study in the field of periodontal disease. Not only do periodontists have the ability to diagnose and treat the gum disease but they can also perform cosmetic procedures to give you back your smile.

Systemic Effects of Gum Disease

Research has linked the effects of periodontal disease to other health issues such as:

·         Cardiovascular disease

·         Diabetes

·         Pregnancy complications

·         Pulmonary disease

Although there is still a lot of research needed to determine the associations between gum disease and these health concerns. The best thing you can do for your overall health is to treat your periodontal disease, to protect your teeth, your smile and your health.

Your First Visit

On your first appointment the periodontist will go over your medical and dental history. If you need current x-rays, you will be given that opportunity. The periodontist will also examine your head, neck, jaw joints, mouth, throat, teeth and gums. You should also be prepared to provide a list of all the medication you may be taking.

Once the examination is complete, the periodontist will develop a treatment plan for your gum disease. If you smoke, you may be advised to quit, because it will impair the healing process. The periodontist should provide different options of treatment to help you find the best possible outcome for your situation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the treatment and financial options. Treat your gum disease today by contacting our office for an appointment and have the smile you’ve always wanted.