Gum Recession is one of the most permanent and pronounced side effects of advanced periodontal disease. Gum recession is something that many patients miss during its early stages, when the impact it’s had is minimal to your oral health. Luckily, there are treatments for gum recession that include reconstructive techniques that can help restore your smile even after permanent changes.

Preparing for Reconstructive Surgery

A primary reason for gum recession is periodontal disease. One of the top treatments to fix gum recession caused by periodontal disease is periodontal plastic surgery.  This is one type of reconstructive surgery treatment for more serious cases gum recession. It is a successful gum disease treatment for major cases of gum recession because it adds back gum tissue where it lacks the most.

When you are seeking reconstructive surgery, you will set up a consultation with your periodontist. If you are a candidate for periodontal plastic surgery, Dr. Tokarczyk and his practice in Ozark, MO will fix your receding gums with no problem. During this consultation, you will complete a round of treatment designed to eliminate infection before receiving any kind of gum restoration. This round of treatment prior to surgery is an imperative step, because it will stop an infection before it begins. If an infection were to start prior to surgery, it would cause the gums to recede again.

What Goes into Periodontal Reconstruction?

Gum tissue grafts are quite common to address the appearance of gums after they have receded. This protects any exposed roots or tooth tissue as well, and if you need teeth replaced, it will help support the anchor for a dental implant. Implants are the most commonly recommended method of replacing teeth today, and for several reasons.

  • Implants are strong enough to handle all your favorite foods
  • Dental implants are permanent unless damaged by external forces
  • And they are natural looking and feeling

If patients have lost both gum and jawbone tissue, bone grafts may also be used alongside gum grafting to ensure the implants are anchored securely. The precise combination of treatments is individualized to bring each patient the best achievable outcomes for their case.

Make an Appointment for a Consultation

Dr. Leo S. Tokarczyk provides periodontal patients with gum recession treatments that both address the underlying causes and restore the natural smile patients want. If you have noticed the signs of periodontal disease or gum recession, act quickly and make an appointment to ensure you minimize its ability to progress into a worse condition. Associates will be available to make appointments with Dr. Tokarczyk during regular business hours, so make sure you call today!